Nature Resort Must VisitTravel to Jakarta

The natural attractions travel to Jakarta, there are many kinds and good view, for those of you who live in Jakarta will not be confused anymore where should go to spend vacation time. You still think that Jakarta only has tourist attractions in the form of high buildings, then you need to read reviews of natural attractions in Jakarta. In this case, then we will describe some natural attractions in Jakarta that you must visit. If we view from the quality of natural attractions sight in Jakarta this is not too natural like the mountain areas, but below is a list of natural attractions travel to Jakarta which will be your alternative in the holidays.

Tidung Island is one of nature tourism located in Jakarta and also is part of thousand islands. Tidung island tourist attractions will be your tourist destination on the weekend and especially also for residents who are in the capital who every day is friendly with congestion. Tidung island visitors are usually just want to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea by sitting under shady trees, sunbathing on the beach, by seeing sun rise and so forth. In addition to enjoying the atmosphere of the beach then visitors who are traveling on the island can also enjoy Tidung games that have been provided such as:

  • Banana Bout
  • Jetsky
  • Cano
  • Sea Swan
  • Water Spot, etc.

Tidung Island is an island which is divided into two parts with other islands namely large Tidung island and small Tidung island. In the big Tidung Island, we can see the beaches and if the island is a small Tidung forest filled with plants or often called the mangrove forest. If you feel bored with a beach atmosphere that is also hot, you can enjoy a tour on the island of Small Tidung or Mangrove Forests located in the PulauSeribu.

For residents of the capital city is also familiar with the name of mangrove forest attractions located in the area Pantai Indah Kapuk North Jakarta. There are places you must visit to enjoy your holiday, in addition the admission price is only about Rp. 25,000 per person and also does not require a long time on the trip. In the mangrove forest is a natural tourist attraction that has many mangrove trees.For those of you who want to visit the mangrove forest then you can enjoy the atmosphere filled with green tobacco tree by foot or you can also use the bike. In addition, the tourists can also do the rides that have been provided such as boat rents that have been leased and also with a standard price.Suropati Park is also one of the natural attractions in Jakarta. This Suropati park is a relic of architects originating from the Dutch PAJ Mooejen and FJ Kubatz in 1913, in this Suropati garden already equipped with some sculptural ornaments resulting from artwork and also there is a pond that is equipped with a fountain as well as thousands of trees – mahogany tree, this Suropati park is located between Imam Bonjol road and Diponegoro street, between the meeting of the street there is a flower garden which in the middle there is a statue of Prince Diponegoro, then opposite the statue of Prince Diponegoro is the lion Taman Suropati.

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