Learn From Travelling in Yogyakarta for Kids

If you want to get such as memorable memories in every time you have holiday, you should ensure that you have such as great value behind it. Well, even if the main aim of holiday is going to relax and enjoy the rest of the day, it does not mean you can’t get such as learning lessons from your holiday. If you have invited your kids to go holiday together, you must be able to make them can get such a great lesson in their holiday. If your holiday city destination is Yogyakarta, you must have visited some places to teach them about what you can do there. Make sure they have lessons there. It also means you can teach them outside of their class which can make them to learn from travelling in Yogyakarta even if they are going holiday.

You should figure out first about what kind of holiday you want visit with your kids. There are thousands of tourist attractions you can pick as your best. As what the other cities do, Yogyakarta also has its own tourist attraction which can learn from travelling in Yogyakarta for kids:

  • Taman Pintar. It is kind of park which you can visit with your kids. Here, you can get perfect holiday and place for your kids to get more knowledge about the physical lessons and all of the lessons which they can learn it in the fun way. It perfectly matches for your kids’ holiday destination because it can make them can learn with playing in the same time. It is one of educative parks in Yogyakarta you must visit.
  • Gembira Loka Zoo. You should know that this zoo is one of largest zoo in Yogyakarta which you can enter and make your kids know and learn more about the flora and fauna well. It is your best place to make them can know the diversity of flora and fauna in Indonesia.
  • There are many options of museums which you can visit with your kids in this Yogyakarta. You can invite them to visit the museums which provide you Javanese culture in the past. It can make them can learn more about the Javanese culture well.
  • Borobudur Temple. You also can invite them to visit one of the 7 wonders in the world which is located around Yogyakarta. This place, you can teach your kids about the Buddhist culture and how this place is built and also about the history of this place as well. You can tell them about the history of this place while walking in this temple with the explanation of every inch in this temple.

Those are the best places for you to learn from travelling in Yogyakarta for kids which you can choose as your holiday destination. By teaching them the culture or other things while going holiday, they can get more knowledge which can make them to get more nationality since kids. You just have to ensure that your kids have enough experience and knowledge in their holiday time.



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