How To Get To TangkubanPerahu Tours

How To Get To TangkubanPerahu Tourism is among the attractions for tourist in Lembang which are excellent. Each day this area is always packed with visitors, especially on weekends and holidays. Should you wish to go there, it’s better to find out the route first. Whether using a private vehicle or public transportation, make sure to understand the correct route.

Here are ways you can take to get in the TangkubanPerahu tourism area.

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Personal Motor Vehicle
Heading to this attraction for tourist can be reached from the Pasteur toll gate, then offered to Jl. Dr. Djunjungan and move to PasirKaliki through Sukajadi and Setiabudi. Following that, going to Lembang and not far away will arrive in the location. Additionally to the Pasteur toll road, you might also pick the route from the Padalarang toll road through Cipularang which directly leads to Cimahi.
By Cimahi, take the left input Jl. Colonel Masturi and follow the road until he meets the T-junction Jl. Raya Lembang. After that, turn left and about 1 km will probably arrive in the entrance gate to the location on the left side of the road.

Public transportation
If you do decide to use public transportation services like buses, you can go to the Leuwi Panjang Terminal destination at Bandung. After that, continue with hitching a bus to Bandung – Indramayu through Subang.
Then get off at the junction of the TangkubanPerahu tourism gate that is located before the boundary monument between West Bandung and Subang. If using a train, you might get off in Bandung Station. The road from Bandung Station to the TangkubanPerahu tourist area can be reached by two town transportation (angkot).
Get out of Bandung Station, take a cream-black L300 angkot which goes to Bandung – Lembang Station. Then get off in the Lembang intersection – Maribaya – Tangkubanparahu. After that, take the angkot which goes to Lembang – Cikole that can take you to the edge of the crater of Mount TangkubanPerahu.
For public transportation this department generally can only take you to the TangkubanPerahu entrance only. But you can ask to take you to the Queen’s Crater and be billed additional rates.
Tips about Traveling to TangkubanPerahu
Since the air in this area tends to be cold, don’t forget to wear warm garments. Since not white and thick fog frequently falls in this area, don’t let this cold interfere with your holiday activities. In case you’re wearing warm garments but still feel cold, you can purchase bandrekdrinks which are sold around the location to heat your body and prevent colds.
Don’t forget to also bring a nose protective mask. Particularly for those who’re very very sensitive to the odor of sulfur. Each time you visit a tourist place, it’s not complete if you have not purchased a souvenir. You are able to purchase several souvenirs which are sold in this location, but obviously you’ve to bid them first.